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Firebirds Youth Rec League

Welcome to the 2024 SPRING Rec. League

April - June 2024 / Registration closes April 20

This in-house league is designed to continue building the FUNdamentals introduced in our Learn to Play programs and highlight recreational play as a steppingstone for those wanting to play at the next level. We will focus on player development and overall athleticism by learning the game through fun instruction around skating and skills in addition to game days.

What You Should Know

Age Divisions (Ages 5-16):

  • 8U – Birth years 2015 – 2017; co-ed
  • 10U – Birth years 2013 – 2014; co-ed
  • 12U – Birth years 2011 – 2012; co-ed
  • 14U – Birth years 2009 – 2010; co-ed
  • 16U – Birth years 2007 – 2008; co-ed


Twenty-four (24) Ice Slots:

  • Twelve (12) Monday Skill Development Sessions 5:15pm-6:15pm
  • Twelve (12) Saturday Game Days: 4:45pm-5:45pm


  • Full equipment required, including face mask 
  • Jersey provided

Pre Requisites:

  • Completed Learn to Play 1 or equivalent
  • 2023-2024 USA Hockey Membership is required for participation. Secure yours by clicking HERE.


Option 1: Paid in Full – $650

Option 2: Three-payment Option – $675

  • Deposit of $135.00 with 3 additional payments to auto charge $180.00 each on week 2, 5 & 7.

Rules & Format

Youth Firebirds Rec Hockey at Berger Foundation Iceplex


  • USA Hockey rules.
  • No body checking.
  • Three-minute warm up.
  • Rink reserves right to adjust period length due to ice schedule.
  • All teams are required to wear numbered matching jerseys.
  • Zero tolerance for verbal abuse to an official, suspension will be imposed.
  • League reserves right to trade players to ensure league parity.


  • Overtime: Three player shoot-out, tie games will result in one (1) point for each team, winning team in the shoot-out will receive an additional (1) point.
  • Tiebreakers: Most points, wins, head-to-head, or lowest goals against.


  • All 8U games will be modified ½ ice or cross-ice.
  • Slap shots allowed 12U & older.
  • Three 12-minute stop-time periods per one-hour ice slot (10U-16U). No time outs.


Have some questions before registering? Reach out the the Youth Firebirds Rec. League: 

Hockey Manager: Jeff Larson

Phone: (760) 578-9080

Email: [email protected]

Skate Sharpening

Need a sharper edge on your blades? Stop by the Welcome Center to drop off your own hockey skates to be sharpened for just $15. We cannot guarantee immediate turnaround for sharpening.

Skate Sharpening is available at the Berger Foundation Iceplex Welcome Center