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Are you a figure skater training for a competition? The Berger Foundation Iceplex offers freestyle sessions. Skaters in freestyle sessions may play their competition program music and take private lessons.

To encourage independent working and proper training habits, parents are asked to sit in the stands and are not permitted to stand in the doorways. Special video and harness lessons are available in freestyle sessions.

Please check the calendar prior to registering for confirmation that freestyle sessions are being held. Check the calendar HERE 

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All visiting coaches are asked to contact management 7 days prior to coming to the facility. All visiting coaches will need to fill out a guest coach packet and provide the following:

  • Proof of liability insurance
  • USFS membership
  • Safesport credentials
  • Signed guest coaching agreement

Visiting coaches will be contacted by management with final approval instructions. 

Please contact management at [email protected] for more information.


View a full calendar of activities at the Berger Foundation Iceplex.


FREESTYLE PURPOSE: The purpose of Freestyle sessions are for teaching and training. Rental skates are allowed on a freestyle session only if skater is having a private lesson.

PUBLIC SESSION PURPOSE: The purpose of Public Sessions is to provide a safe and friendly environment for new customers, to experience the joy of skating.

REGISTRATION: Skaters must check-in at the Welcome center prior to entering the ice. All skaters must wear either a FREESTYLE sticker or PUBLIC while on the ice. Visiting Coaches must always wear appropriate sticker confirming clearance to teach that day. Skaters not wearing appropriate sticker for the session will be asked to leave the ice.


  • Skater in program with overhead music
  • Skater in lesson
  • Skaters on the harness also have the right of way
  • Drinks or breakable containers are not allowed rink side or on or below the railing.
  • Food is not permitted near the rail or on the ice.
  • Please pick up all belongings (including dirty tissues, water cups, bottles, etc.) at the end of the session.
  • Coaching by parents from the bleachers, benches or railing is not allowed at any time. Parents will be asked to leave the arena if this happens.
  • The benches by the ice are to be used by the skaters and coaches only.
  • If skaters must talk to someone off the ice, even if for a brief time, they need to get off the ice to do so or the skater will be asked to leave the ice.
  • Remember to keep moving while on the ice. Spins should be practiced in the middle of the ice.

PROHIBITED BEHAVIOR: Kicking, digging holes, scraping or stomping the ice with your blades and kicking the railings are prohibited. Any skater engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave the session immediately.

ENTERING / CLEARING: Please do not enter the session prior to your designated start time. Exit promptly at the conclusion of your session.

When the ice-resurfacer horn sounds, all skaters and coaches must leave the ice immediately. If you are skating to your music, please stop skating immediately, turn off music and clear the ice – no exceptions.