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Special Events, Parties, and Rentals


Have your next party at the Berger Foundation Iceplex

Have the rink all to yourself and your friends! Enjoy 60, 75, or 90-minute ice rentals from morning to late evenings. Each rink has music, mic system, and a scoreboard.

For self-managed hockey practices/games, you get locker room access 30 minutes before and after the rental. Nets are provided, but bring your own pucks and gear. Helmets are required. 

Hosting a group open skate party? No problem! Our rink can accommodate up to 300 guests. We provide rental skates and skate aids. Upgrade your rental with rink-side catering or inquire about additional activities like broomball, curling, or shot of goal clinics in a separate section of the rink.

Interested? Email for Private Rental availability & pricing. Let us know your preferred dates and times.

Birthday parties

Celebrate at the Coolest Party Destination In the Desert! Choose from a variety of packages and activities.

Birthday Party Fuego Image
Birthday Party Room Image


  • 1-hour pizza party for 10 guests plus birthday child, including two large 16”pizzas, choice of one gallon lemonade or punch and one gallon of water, two 6’ tables, and 11 chairs.
  • Public skate session, gloves, and skate rental for 10 guests plus birthday child.
  • 15-minute skate lesson for 10 guests plus birthday child.
  • 1-hour use of AHL Locker Room private party space before or after public session.

*Special Firebirds Experience Add On: $875 


  • 25 Firebirds Tickets with choice of one of the following:
    • Zamboni ride for the birthday child
    • Penalty box experience
    • High five tunnel 
    • Fuego Appearance
Game dates based on availability

Ultimate Party Package – Next Level Build Your Own

  • Group Private Ice Time, Private Lessons*
  • Games & Giveaways*:  Interactive on-ice games 
  • Catering*: Iceplex party menu or Full catering menu available.  
  • Enhance the party with our in-house hospitality team. 

*Prices available upon request

*Special Firebirds Experience Add On: $875 


  • 25 Firebirds Tickets with choice of the following:
    • Zamboni ride for the birthday child
    • Penalty box experience
    • High five tunnel 
    • Fuego Appearance
Game dates based on availability

Please request Fuego separately using this FORM. When you email for available dates for the Gold/Ultimate Package, please let us know which of the three experiences you’d like added to your 25 Firebirds Tickets. Add on experience is subject to availability. 


  • Party decorations, table linens, plates, napkins, and utensils
  • Cake or cupcakes, along with cutting knife or server
  • Painters tape if adhering decorations to locker room walls
  • Socks!


  • Glitter
  • Helium balloons
  • Lighted candles
  • No other outside food or beverages

Birthday Party FAQs

Question: If there are a few parents who would like to skate other than the 11 birthday party participants, how much is it to skate? 

Answer: $15.00 per skate session, $5.00 skate rental.

Question: May I add another pizza?

Answer: You may add another party package that would allow 11 additional participants along with the additional food and beverage options or there are concessions available for purchase in the welcome center.

Question: May we have the locker room for another hour?

Answer: You may decorate the locker room 30 minutes prior to your scheduled party room time of one hour. You will have 30 minutes to remove items after your party hour.

Question: May I bring some extra sandwiches or fruit?

Answer: You may bring cake or cupcakes only. No other outside food or beverages are allowed. We do have a concession stand if you would like to purchase additional food and beverage.

Question: Is there a freezer to store an ice cream cake:

Answer: No, we do not have a freezer. Please bring cake or cupcakes only.

Question: If we don’t want the skate rental or if we have own skates, or we already know how to skate or have gloves do we get a discount?

Answer: The party package is all inclusive.


Host your next event at the CV Firebirds’ practice venue! Enjoy the incredible Firebirds atmosphere and décor while indulging in a variety of ice activities for all skill levels. Treat your guests to delicious food and beverages at Berger Foundation Iceplex. It’s a truly unforgettable experience perfect for business meetings, community outings, and gatherings with friends and family.

Event Space
  • An NHL-sized ice rink for on-ice activities for up to 300 people
Team Builder or Group Activities
  • Open Skate, Hockey Demos, Broomball and more
  • Private Dining or Rink-side Catering


Broomball is great group entertainment exercise that’s played on the ice with strategies like hockey. Team players strike a ball about the size of a soccer ball with “brooms” and try to score goals into a net. Ideal for team building, corporate and community events, Broomball is designed for guests ages 12+. 

Included: 1 hour of ice, aluminum specialty brooms, 3 balls, and hockey nets.

Required: Helmets and athletic shoes

Recommended: Elbow and knee pads

To schedule a Broomball session, email the Iceplex or call 760-835-5000.

  • Broomball begins with the team defending the zone furthest from their bench during the first period of play, changing ends at the end of each period.
  • Once the game begins after a faceoff between a player from each team, each team will simultaneously attempt to score a goal in the opposition’s net whilst at the same time preventing the opposition from scoring in theirs.
  • A face off shall occur the restart the game after each goal.
  • Players can pass the ball between themselves using the stick.
  • Goals can only be scored if the ball has been hit by the stick. A goal will not be awarded if the ball has rebounded off another player.
  • Brooms may never be swung above waist height.
  • Broomball games are controlled by two referees who are on the ice during the game and have the same powers to award goals, call penalties and fouls etc. In higher-level games, there are often other officials off the rink too, such as goal judges and a timekeeper.
  • Players are allowed to use the stick to try and take the ball off opposition players.
  • At the end of the game, the team who has scored the most goals is declared the winner.

Contact Us

Please take a moment to let us know a little about your event! A Berger Foundation Iceplex representative will be in touch within 3 business days.