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Official Rules

Berger Foundation Iceplex One Year Anniversary Raffle

SoCal Arena Company, LLC (“SAC”, “Berger Foundation Iceplex” or “Sponsor”) invites fans and locals to participate in its One Year Anniversary $50 Gift Card Raffle (the “Giveaway”), subject to these Official Rules. Participants will enter for a chance to win a Berger Foundation Iceplex Gift Card valued at $50.00 USD.


The Giveaway commences on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 6:00AM PT and ends Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 10:30PM PT (the “Giveaway Period”).   


To enter, simply visit the Berger Foundation Iceplex located at 75702 Varner Road, Palm Desert, CA 92211 to submit an entry at the Welcome Center by providing your full name, phone number, email address, zip or postal code, and any other information that may be required. Or enter via Berger Foundation Iceplex entry form. Participants must provide all requested information to enter; incomplete or inaccurate entries will not be eligible to win. Entry materials/data that have been tampered with or altered, or mass entries or entries generated by a script, macro or use of automated devices are void. 

By participating in this Giveaway and/or claiming a Prize should you be selected as a Winner, you certify that you are at least 18 years old and a resident of the continental United States, and agree to these Official Rules and SAC’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You further certify that any Guest you select to participate in the Prize is at least 18 years old, unless the Winner is the parent and/or legal guardian of the Guest, and then the Guest must be at least 10 years old. Void in Florida, New York and Rhode Island. Your eligibility for this Giveaway is contingent upon these certifications. No purchase or payment is necessary to enter; void where prohibited. The following SAC-affiliated individuals are not eligible for this Giveaway: employees, independent contractors, consultants, and family members of SAC employees. 


One (1) winner (the “Winner”) will be randomly selected from among the eligible entries to win and be awarded (1) $50 Berger Foundation Iceplex Gift Card (the “Prize”). 

Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. The Winner may not substitute a cash award in lieu of the Prize. The Winner is solely responsible for paying any applicable local, state, or federal taxes related to this Contest, as well as any costs and expenses associated with any Prize. Limit one entry per individual. SAC make no warranty or guarantee regarding the Prize, express or implied, and the Prize is awarded on an “as-is” basis. By participating in this promotion and accepting any Prize, each participant agrees to abide by all applicable laws as well as all policies in force at SAC and/or Berger Foundation Iceplex. SAC reserves the right to substitute any Prize for a prize of equal or greater value if the original Prize cannot be honored for any reason. SAC further reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to honor any Prize if too few entries are received or if the participant claiming it is unruly, disruptive, uncooperative, fails to comply with any policies of SAC and/or Berger Foundation Iceplex, or may or does cause damage to any person, property, or the reputation of SAC and/or Berger Foundation Iceplex. The Prize, including any additional restrictions, is at SAC’s discretion. 


After the Giveaway Period ends, SAC will randomly select one Winner at random.  Winners will be notified by email at the email address provided by the Winners in their entry by no later than December 20, 2023 by 12:00pm PT. Participants do not need to be present to win; however, Winners must respond to notice from SAC and/or Berger Foundation Iceplex in writing to accept and claim their Prize by no later than December 27, 2023 at 12:00pm PT. (the “Response Deadline”). If SAC does not receive written confirmation that the Winner accepts their Prize by the Response Deadline, such Winner forfeits any right to or claim on the Prize, and SAC may select another Winner in the same manner described above. By claiming or accepting any Prize, Winner certifies that he or she agree to the terms and conditions set forth in these Official Rules. 

Any Prize that is obtained in contravention of these rules or the local, state, or federal law will be deemed void and will not be honored. Prizes may not be sold or transferred. SAC will determine in its sole discretion whether any Prize has been improperly obtained, presented, or transferred. 


Each and every participant and/or Winner hereby represents and warrants that they have read these Official Rules, are fully familiar with their contents, and agree to abide thereby. The Winner shall be responsible and liable for the actions of any Guest who partakes of the Prize, including any third party to whom the Prize is gifted, sold or transferred. Each participant agrees to indemnify, defend, discharge, release, forever acquit, and hold SAC and its affiliated entities (including third-party partners) and their respective officers, employees, representatives, agents and contractors harmless against any and all demands, claims, actions, or proceedings of any kind, and from any and all injuries, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses related to or arising out of the participation in the Giveaway, any Prize awarded, or any breach or alleged breach of any of the warranties, representations, or agreements of Participants hereto. Any Guest who participates the Prize in any way may be required by SAC to execute additional forms, releases, and/or waivers as a prior condition to participating in the Prize. 

Winners and Guests may be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination (i.e., at least two weeks will have passed between final vaccination date and the performance) and/or proof of negative COVID test within the time window specified by SAC. Winners and Guests may also be required to wear masks at all times at the game in accordance with any SAC policies. Acceptance of the COVID-19 documents presented by Winners and Guests are subject to SAC’s approval in its sole discretion. 


Participants agree to obey all applicable laws and regulations, including any local guidance or mandates related to any pandemic at the time of the Event, and to be bound by the Official Rules of this Giveaway. By participating in this Giveaway, you fully and unconditionally release SAC from 1) all claims for liability arising from or related to your participation in the Giveaway, and 2) all claims related to a participant’s acceptance, receipt, possession, loss, and/or misuse of any entry or Prize. SAC makes no representations regarding the effects, condition, safety or potential exposure risks related to COVID-19, any pandemic-related precautions that are required or not required by SAC, or attendance at the performance. 

In the event SAC is unable to continue the Giveaway or to honor any Prize due to any event beyond its control, including but not limited to technological errors, fire, flood, natural or man-made epidemic of health or other means, earthquake, explosion, labor dispute or strike, act of God or public enemy, satellite or equipment failure, riot or civil unrest, terrorist threat or act, war (declared or undeclared), or any local, state, or federal law, order, or regulation, then subject to any governmental approval that may be required, SAC reserves the right to modify, suspend, extend or terminate the Giveaway and rules. 


Private or personally identifying information collected in connection with this Giveaway may be retained by SAC, sold, shared with business partners, or used for marketing purposes. By participating in the Giveaway, you consent to SAC’s collection and use of your personal information as described in our privacy policy available here: https://bergerfoundationiceplex.com/privacy-policy/


This Giveaway and these rules are governed by the laws of United States and the State of California. As a condition of participating in the Giveaway, Participants agree that any and all disputes that cannot be resolved between the parties, and causes of action arising out of or connected with the Giveaway, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, by final and binding arbitration administered by JAMS and conducted in Los Angeles, California before a sole arbitrator in accordance with the rules of JAMS. 

Please direct questions regarding this Giveaway to SoCal Arena Company, LLC, Attn: General Counsel 11755 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 900, Los Angeles, CA 90025 or matilto:[email protected].